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Two Partners.
One Worldwide Supply Program.

The automotive industry is intensifying its focus on lightweight, safe and cost effective cars worldwide, creating a growing demand for global availability of high-quality steel products for manufacturing cars and components.

That’s why JFE Steel Corporation and ThyssenKrupp Steel have joined forces to provide one common range of products portfolio aligned to the needs of the automotive industry. What is the benefit to them? The same grade of steel, from deep-drawing mild steels up to advanced high-strength steels, available where customers need them to be, in the quality they have become accustomed to.

This idea gave rise to a network going far beyond a joint range of products. There is a linkage driven by our complementary engineering excellence and joint research and development work. A primary example are the work groups we have formed for accelerating the development of high-strength steels, trailblazing coating techniques and enhanced technologies for steel applications to achieve our goal of next-generation lightweight and environmentally friendly cars. One thing our customer driven projects are pioneering are new lightweight designs, especially in application technologies. Further, our relationship has also proven its worth in license exchange and a whole range of fascinating joint technical activities.

If you want to learn more about JFE Steel Corporation and ThyssenKrupp Steel, please visit our corporate websites.

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